English Summer Camp

For who?

The course is suitable for 6-10 years olds  and 11-14 year old teens.



English Summer Camp 2022 will run from 17 June to 26 July. Activities will take place Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with further pre/post Camp hours.

English Summer Camp

Learning English is an enjoyable and stimulating challenge for young children. It just needs the right approach! Children and teenagers might find a traditional language course dull. An activity which forces them to spend more hours in class is just like school.

Choosing a fresh approach with new contexts and methods of learning can be enjoyable and stimulating.

English Summer Camp provides all this. It is designed to teach in a playful manner, with plenty of  fun outdoor activities.

English Summer Camp is the ideal solution for those who would like to take part in a study holiday  but don’t feel happy sending their young children away from home, or aren’t prepared to pay the costly enrolment fees. This project has been inspired by students who go abroad to spend few weeks in a college to practise the language in a truly international environment.

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What is our English Summer Camp?

English Summer Camp is a summer course which allows you to practise English in a relaxed and enjoyable context. It takes place outside the classroom in contact with teachers who are native speakers or speakers of English as a second language.

The program is packed with  cultural activities, sports and entertainment. All are conducted in English. The aim is not only to learn the language, but also to build life skills. Communication, organisation, confidence and teamwork are only few of them.


Cost and enrolment

1-2 weeks € 290/week
3-4 weeks € 260/week
5-6 weeks € 245/week

The price includes:

  • Teaching material
  • Day trips and travel expenses
  • Freshly made lunches and afternoon snacks
  • Entrance fee to Theme parks and Museums
  •  I.L.C. polo t-shirt

The pre/post camp costs Euro 10 per week.


Laura Comollo

Laura Comollo

My educational path started in England. The passion for English in all its facets has allowed me to research and experiment with new teaching techniques. After training as a voluntary ESL teacher, teaching English to Asian refugees, I qualified as a CELTA teacher. It has allowed me to master the basics of teaching young people and adults from all over the world. I work for ILC Chieri contributing to the effective teaching of the English language. This has become an essential requirement for the careers of the new generations.
Marta Bigi
English for young learners

Marta Bigi

The choice to specialise my teaching method towards young learners derives from my linguistic and artistic education. Children’s learning path is paved with games, songs, drawings and fun activities. I play with communication in all its forms, to stimulate and arise children’s inquisitive nature thus making their first approach to English fun and unforgettable.
Rebecca Sweety Cancellara
DIRECTOR, English, Italian for foreigners

Rebecca Sweety Cancellara

Teaching gives me the opportunity to explore in-depth my two languages, Italian and English, and to cultivate my passion. I am in love with grammar and linguistic nuances and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a subject I love every day. International Language Center gives me the opportunity to work with all age groups. I believe that creating a parallel between two languages ​​is a valuable tool for students who approach a foreign language. Motivation and constant support for students is a cornerstone of my teaching method. One of the aspects that I particularly strive to share with them is that it is never too late to learn a foreign language and that failure is not an option. You have simply not yet met a teacher who speaks your language. This is my mission.

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