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International Certifications

International Certifications are an essential tool to ensure a successful working career and to enrich one’s educational or work curriculum. A certificate that proves the knowledge of a foreign language is an investment for your future and the future of your children. Start now!

These qualifications officially demonstrate the actual level of knowledge of a foreign language within the academic and the business sector.

We offer courses for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2) in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. We also offer English training courses for teachers, CLIL and TKT.

We can help you achieve your goals whether you are a student, a manager or an adult who wants to improve their language skills. Our teachers will work with you to you learn the chosen foreign language and to develop the four key elements: writing, reading, listening and speaking.


If a child or a teenager shows any signs of being affected by DSA, it does not mean that his learning course should be interrupted. On the contrary, they will need to be motivated and encouraged to succeed in overcomingany difficulties they might encounter during their path towards learning another language. These walls can’t be demolished but they can be climbed in order to reach the other side.


Choose the language and discover your level of knowledge