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The term DSA is recognises by law dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysorthography as Specific Learning Disorders.
A learning impairment is a reduced intellectual ability and the difficulty to cope with every day activities. It will effect an individual through their whole life.sss

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that affects reading and related language skills.

Dysgraphia affects a person’s ability to write. Problems may include illegible handwriting.

Dyscalculia affects a person’s ability to understand numbers.

Dystorgraphia is the difficulty to recognise, understand and replicate written symbols.

The National Health Service issues a certificate which outlines whether an individual belongs to one of these categories.
The State has the duty to ensure that all the students who suffer from these learning difficulties receive additional educational support during their school and university years.

DSA and learning a foreign language

If a child or a teenager shows any signs of being affected by DSA, it does not mean that his learning course should be interrupted. On the contrary, they will need to be motivated and encouraged to succeed in overcoming any difficulties they might encounter during their path towards learning another language. These walls can’t be demolished but they can be climbed in order to reach the other side.

Some languages such as English can present some difficulties compared to Italian.
The lexical terms, the combination of the letters of the alphabet are different.
This shouldn’t be viewed as an impossible task but as a problem that can be solved with a number of educational interventions.
The key is to reach out to the student’s spoken language.

Another important aspect is to present a new language with a positive strategy, starting from what the student enjoys doing most.

The languages we speak will be useful to communicate with the entire world whether it is for work or study purposes.

Learning a new language should not be seen as an imposition or a mere school subject but as an opportunity everyone should take advantage of.

This is why I.L.C. offers expert educational assistance and support to DSA students; our tutors are specialised in the application of inclusive teaching methods which target the specific difficulties and motivate and encourage each individual to reach their objectives.

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