Skype lessons

Distance learning: a new frontier

All you need is a pc, a stable internet connection and a Skype account. This software is already widely used to make video calls and web conferences.

There are no more excuses. A foreign language can be learnt via Skype.

It’s the ideal solution for people with a busy schedule or for those who are unable to travel to a school due to a physical impairment or the distance involved.

Our Skype lessons bring you the opportunity to perfect the knowledge of a foreign language right on your doorsteps, on the train or even in a hotel room.

What do on-line courses via Skype offer? And why choose to acquire a new language this way?

What do on-line courses via Skype offer?

Cost effectiveness

Distance learning does not involve any travel expense.

No fixed calendar

Skype lessons allow you to have plenty of flexibility and the freedom to schedule the lessons to fit into your busy calendar.

Customised courses

One-on-one lessons are tailored to suit your specific level and training required focusing on your pace and your learning goals.

How do skype lessons work?

It is easy to join a Skype course. Once you’ve completed the enrolment process you’re ready to book a lesson with your assigned tutor. As soon as a suitable time has been agreed, the course can begin.

The interactive courses will allow you to liaise with your teacher who will correct your mistakes, work on your pronunciation, introduce new vocabulary, all in real time.

Individual lessons offer the great advantage of focusing entirely on the development of your language skills and your learning goals.

You will be guided by our team of competent teachers with outstanding track record and professionalism, whether you are a beginner approaching the language for the first time, or a competent speaker who needs further practice.

The lesson material can be visualised on your screen or it can be sent to your email account. This will enable you to familiarise yourself with the topic prior the lesson.


A standard internet connection

a computer or a tablet

Pcs and tablets are designed with a built-in microphone

A skype account

You don’t have a Skype account? create it here!

A set of headphones

to improve concentration and maximise the lesson outcome.

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