Foreign language S.O.S

Foreign language S.O.S: short-term intensive courses

Soon you’ll be facing an interview, an exam or a holiday abroad and you’re looking for the best way to learn in a short amount of time.

Try our SOS foreign language program aimed to maximise your time.

We don’t sell miracles, only effective intensive language courses.

Foreign language SOS: what is an intensive language course?

The SOS foreign language program is a short-term course which focuses on specific objectives: learning the basics of a language, improving professional communication and fortifying grammatical rules which are the building blocks of any language.

There isn’t a magic formula to learn in a short time but willingness and motivation are fundamental.

First of all we need to focus on the learning targets based on the evaluation of the factors listed below:

  • The individual’s level of the language
  • An assessment of the length of time required for the individual’s specific needs
  • How much time can one dedicate to this project

Learning stages

A short-term goal needs prioritising over other commitments in order to succeed,

especially if there’s only a limited time available due to a deadline, a pre booked-trip abroad, a scheduled meeting or an interview.

To ensure a successful learning outcome it is fundamental to learn the verbs and to build a basic lexical range.

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